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Landscape Photography by Kieron Trufitt


Welcome to Landscape Photography by Trufitt Photography. My name is Kieron and I’m a landscape photographer base in Surrey, UK. Inspired by the Surrey hills and North Downs I love to surround myself in mountainous landscapes. Travel has been a big part of my life ever since I was a child, from adventuring and camping with my family to throwing myself out of my comfort zone and experience a culture so far from my own in Borneo when I was 15, these experiences shaped my love of the great outdoors. I’m at peace when I’m with camera in hand, taking photos of places that were once, to me, unreachable. To create an image that perfectly encapsulates a place and share it amongst peers is a passion that will never fade.

Kieron Trufitt

Kieron Trufitt

Lead Photographer
Kieron founded Trufitt Photography because of his love of adventure, first picking up a camera on a year long jaunt around the world he decided to turn his new found passion into a career. His focus on travel photography started getting him noticed amongst small circles, working with brands that are based around travel and adventure he's travelled to far and wide places that he once only dreamed of.