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An Evening in Brighton

An Explosive Sunset, Friends and Photography

It’s times like these that make me so glad I bought a camera all those years ago. A late November afternoon in Brighton turned into a chase to shoot the sunset before we lost it forever, nothing unique among photographers but this is my favourite time to shoot, you can’t beat the powerful bursts of pinks and purples during the time between the golden and blue hours. Taking photos with friends is therapeutic, there’s a friendly rivalry on who can produce the best photo, but learning from one another and seeing how someone else sees a landscape through the lens helps to open your mind to new techniques and compositions.

I feel the photos below capture the feeling of a pleasant melancholy of the sunset by using a soft pastel colour palette. I’ve started to find that I’m more drawn to a soft contrast of blues, pinks and oranges. With these edits I tried to create a calm feel as that’s what the general ‘vibe’ was from the evening, although the sea was choppy it was soothing to listen to as the waves caressed the pebbles. I wanted to show the motion of the sea in the photo on the bottom left, I’m happy with the result as you can see the ferocity of the sea contrast the calm cloudy sky.

Man Looking at a Pink Sunset
Brighton Pier Under a Pink Sky
Silhouette of a Man in Front of a Sunset

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