Victoria Harbour

natural landform harbour in Hong Kong separating Hong Kong Island in the south from the Kowloon Peninsula to the north

My first introduction to Hong Kong was a stunning sunset overlooking Hong Kong Island. Looking out from Victoria Harbour, which is the most southern point of Kowloon, you a greeted with the tall apartment complexes nestled into the side of Victoria Peak, they rise high like urban pinnacles and the golden sun creates it’s own natural light show bouncing off the glass buildings.

The harbour is a busy highway for boats taking tourists and locals to and from the hundreds of islands that make up Hong Kong, the Star Ferry and its famous Green and White decor spends its days taking passengers to the island and back to the mainland, whilst the traditional Aqua Luna boats have become as iconic as the skyline they sail past everyday.

Hong Skyline and Star Ferry
Hong Kong Island Skyline
Hong Kong Taxi
Boat Sailing in Hong Kong sunset

Hong Kong Meat Market

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