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London at Night

Lighting up London at Night

London is a city I fall in and out of love with all the time, being my home city it is easy to criticise it as well as pick out all the positives. I’ve worked in London and suffered rush hour trains, partied there and paid for overpriced cocktails and beer, I even had £10 stolen from me in London, but it always remains dear in my heart because of its beautiful cityscape, easily one of my favourite cities to visit at night. The walk across London Bridge, looking across the Thames at Tower Bridge when the sun goes down always makes me stop and stare. These photos are taken on a cool January evening, when the city almost seems to slow down.

Night photography is fast becoming one of my favourite types of photography. I find you gain a much higher appreciation of certain towns and cities once the sun goes down, the ambiance of the photos because a lot more calm, finding warm colours such as your oranges and reds and contrasting them with the cooling tones of a city building on a cold night gives me a feeling of melancholy, it’s almost as if the city itself is getting ready for sleep.

London Skyscrapers at Night
St Pauls Cathedral Reflecting the Sunset
The Shard in London at Night
Tower Bridge Night Street Photography
The Shard Night Photography

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