Product Photography

Your customer's first impression's are photos, make them good.

Get More Business With Product Photography

Product photography is designed to help potential customers visualise what they are buying. With the advent of 1 day shipping and easier and safer ways to pay, online shopping is now the most popular way to shop, so now, more than ever it’s incredibly important to have product photography if you want to stay ahead of your competition!

From Bread to Beer

Crumb's Brewing

Surrey has been a frontrunner of the beer industry ever since Mellersh & Neale setup shop in the small town of Reigate, using the famous Reigate caves to store their stouts they led the way for smaller micro-breweries decades later such as Pilgrim Brewery and Surrey Hills, both located in Reigate and Dorking respectively to burst onto the beer scene. It only made sense for Reigate’s beer industry to evolve and out of that came Crumbs. Founded by husband and wife couple Morgan & Elaine Arnell they came up with the idea of brewing beer made from the unfortunate amount of wastage that their local bakery, Chalk Hills, had to deal with at the end of the day. Morgan then contacted Chalk Hills and asked them ‘can I make beer out of your bread’, then from there he contacted Goddards Brewery in his birthplace of Isle of Wight who helped him and his wife perfect their first beer. Now they have won multiple awards and their beers are sold on the shelves at not just local stores, but Waitrose too and they are paving the way for our companies to follow suit!

Kieron Trufitt

Kieron Trufitt

Lead Photographer
Kieron founded Trufitt Photography because of his love of adventure, first picking up a camera on a year long jaunt around the world he decided to turn his new found passion into a career. His focus on travel photography started getting him noticed amongst small circles, working with brands that are based around travel and adventure he's travelled to far and wide places that he once only dreamed of.