About Me


Kieron Trufitt

Back in 2015 I bought a cheap DSLR that I used when I went travelling for a year, it took me a little while on how to actually use the thing properly, hundreds of missed shots and thousands of hours later I think I actually may have cracked it. My passion is adventure and travel, but I make a living working with brands and businesses. I love getting to know the people behind the brands, it gives me a sense of what they’re all about and how to approach a shoot, I’ve become accustomed to working to tight deadlines whilst producing high quality product photography content that generates ‘clicks into sales’.

I travelled and trained in wildlife and travel photography in South Africa with Africa Media, learning how to improvise a shoot (animals can be quite unpredictable) and create commercial photography for Game Reserves. Now back in Surrey I am focussing on working with brands that have a connection with the outdoors, from sporting brands and swimwear lines to gardeners and forest schools. .

I know how important it is for a small business to generate an audience, photos and videos are your first impression, so I take great care and attention to detail when I’m on a shoot, wether it’s corporate portrait photography, or still life fashion and lifestyle photography.