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Product Photography

Our team of photographers, lighting experts and editors come together to create photography that is eye-catching and grabs potential customers attention! We produce e-commerce shots all the way through to big budget advertising. We work with you to create content that helps to sell your product and brands.

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Personal Branding and Corporate Headshots

From authors and chefs, to small business owners and CEO’s, Trufitt Photography prides themselves on creating photos that help you to connect your personality to your business.

Corporate photography is perfect for those who need ‘meet the team’ photos for their website, usually with either a plain white background that sits nicely on your website, or perfect for LinkedIn photos! Our highly skilled photographers will help you feel relaxed.

Personal Branding photography is a little different to the normal white background headshots as it requires a little more creativity to help your potential clients see who you are as a person. These are perfect to send out as marketing material, social media pages and ‘about us’ sections on your website.