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Travel Photography for Brands

As a boutique Travel Photography business, Trufitt Photography creates bespoke visual marketing campaigns for travel industry brands, hotels & resorts and sports & fashion brands. We aim to create travel photography content that truly represents you as a brand, vibrant images and videos are a valuable asset to your business.

Show 'em what you got baby!

Bring Your Brand to Life With Trufitt Photography

A commercial photography shoot is the best way to get all eyes on you! (and your product). Photography is often the first impression to potential future customers, and with many years under our belts in commercial photography across the UK we have learnt what it takes to impress.

No job is too big or too small, from small local startups to global businesses we have travelled the world to create commercial photography.

Kieron Trufitt

Kieron Trufitt

Lead Photographer
Kieron founded Trufitt Photography because of his love of adventure, first picking up a camera on a year long jaunt around the world he decided to turn his new found passion into a career. His focus on travel photography started getting him noticed amongst small circles, working with brands that are based around travel and adventure he's travelled to far and wide places that he once only dreamed of.