Portrait Photography


Lifestyle Portraits

Lifestyle Portraits are natural portraits taken in real-life settings. These are candid moments that can be taken in different places, at home or on-location. Lifestyle portraits aren’t posed and produce beautiful candid moments for you to treasure.

LinkedIn Portraits

To be perceived as a working professional LinkedIn Portraits are incredibly important. These can either be taken in front of a white background, or in an office. Our mobile studio setup means we can meet you wherever you are.

Traditional Portraits

Traditional portraits show a subject looking directly at camera, these shots are taken in a studio (or mobile studio) using professional lighting. Often times the photos taken are just head and shoulders, they are the types of portraits that come to mind when someone mentions ‘portrait photography’.

Business Portraits

A way to show that you mean ‘business’! Corporate portraits are often used on a ‘meet the team’ page on your website. They can be used as a marketing device to appeal to potential employees and customers whilst creating a visual reputation of who you are as a company.

Acting Headshots

Actors often require headshots that are natural and balanced. Talent agencies and casting directors don’t want any surprises when hiring new talent so the lighting setups and shots are simple and will provide the first step into securing an audition.

Couples & Families

These are fun shoots that we love to do! Couple and family portraits mix together lifestyle portraits with traditional portraits. Oftentimes they will include engagement and wedding photography and other times just photos of you and your dog!

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